A layout that places vertices into a series of layers.


From 6.1.0 onwards use the Hierarchy layout instead. This layout will not be included in 7.x versions of the Toolkit.



  • Gets the position for the given Node/Group as dictated by either the left/top properties, or some other nominated pair, in the Node/Group's data. This position is what the Absolute layout uses itself, and this method exposes the absolute position for subclasses that wish to make use of the absolute backing.


    • v: Node | Group

      Node/Group to get absolute position for.

    • Optional parameters: LayoutParameters

      Constructor parameters. May contain a custom locationFunction.

    Returns PointXY

  • Gets the computed hierarchy. This is returned as an array of objects, one for each level, inside which there is a nodes array.

    Returns HierarchicalLayoutLayer[]

  • Gets the orientation of the layout - "horizontal" or "vertical".

    Returns "horizontal" | "vertical"

    "horizontal" or "vertical"