An exporter for Surfaces. This was first released in version 6.6.0 and currently has a few caveats attached to its usage:

  • Primarily, the exporter is expected to be used with a Surface that has a ShapeLibrary set on it. The shape library is used to render appropriate SVG elements for each node. If you use this exporter on a Surface that does not have a ShapeLibrary attached, a default SVG rectangle will be used to represent each node.

  • When using a shape library it is expected that your node data will contain left, top, w and h properties, defining the dimensions of the node.

  • If you want to see labels on exported edges, you must ensure that you set useHtmlElement to "false" on a label overlay spec. Also, if you use the label shorthand property you need to set useHtmlLabel:false on the edge definition.