Interface BrowserJsPlumbDefaults

Defaults for the BrowserUI implementation of jsPlumb.

interface BrowserJsPlumbDefaults {
    dragOptions?: DragOptions;
    elementsDraggable?: boolean;
    hoverEvents?: boolean;
    managedElementsSelector?: string;
    resizeObserver?: boolean;


  • JsPlumbDefaults<BrowserElement>
    • BrowserJsPlumbDefaults


dragOptions?: DragOptions

Options for dragging - containment, grid, callbacks etc.

elementsDraggable?: boolean

Whether or not elements should be draggable. Default value is true.

hoverEvents?: boolean

Defaults to false, which is a breaking change in 6.6.0. When true, jsPlumb tracks mouseover/mouseout/mouseenter/mouseexit events for overlays, endpoints, elements and connections. Most of the reasoning for having this ability was related to the initial canvas renderer, and with SVG/CSS this functionality is, for the most part, not needed. But you can switch it on if you need to.



managedElementsSelector?: string

Specifies the CSS selector used to identify managed elements. This option is not something that most users of jsPlumb will need to set.

resizeObserver?: boolean

Defaults to true, indicating that a ResizeObserver will be used, where available, to allow jsPlumb to revalidate elements whose size in the DOM have been changed, without the library user having to call revalidate()