Interface BrowserUIPasteOptions

Extension of paste options for use in a browser.

interface BrowserUIPasteOptions {
    clear?: boolean;
    event?: MouseEvent;
    hermetic?: boolean;
    origin?: PointXY;
    shallow?: boolean;


  • PasteOptions
    • BrowserUIPasteOptions


clear?: boolean

If true, the clipboard will be cleared after this paste operation. Defaults to false.

event?: MouseEvent

Mouse event to use as the location for a paste.

hermetic?: boolean

Defaults to true. Indicates that the paste should only paste edges whose source and target vertex are in the CopyData object that is being pasted. When this is set to false, all edges in the CopyData will be pasted, but edges to/from some vertex not in the CopyData will attach to the pasted vertex from the CopyData on one end, and the existing vertex outside the CopyData on the other.

origin?: PointXY

Origin to use when pasting the data. Each item's location will be translated when copied accordingly.

shallow?: boolean

Defaults to false. If true, nested nodes/groups will not be copied when their parents are copied.