Interface EndpointTypeDescriptor

Definition of an endpoint type.

interface EndpointTypeDescriptor {
    anchor?: AnchorSpec;
    anchors?: [AnchorSpec, AnchorSpec];
    connectionsDetachable?: boolean;
    connector?: ConnectorSpec;
    connectorClass?: string;
    connectorHoverStyle?: PaintStyle;
    connectorStyle?: PaintStyle;
    cssClass?: string;
    endpoint?: EndpointSpec;
    hoverPaintStyle?: PaintStyle;
    maxConnections?: number;
    mergeStrategy?: string;
    overlays?: OverlaySpec[];
    paintStyle?: PaintStyle;
    parameters?: Record<string, any>;
    reattachConnections?: boolean;
    scope?: string;

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anchor?: AnchorSpec

Spec for the anchor to use for both source and target.

anchors?: [AnchorSpec, AnchorSpec]

[source, target] anchor specs for edges.

connectionsDetachable?: boolean

Whether or not connections created from this endpoint should be detachable via the mouse. Defaults to true.

connector?: ConnectorSpec

Spec for connectors created for this type.

connectorClass?: string

Class to add to any connectors created for this type.

connectorHoverStyle?: PaintStyle

Paint style for connectors created for this type when pointer is hovering over the component.

connectorStyle?: PaintStyle

Paint style for connectors created for this type.

cssClass?: string

CSS class to add to the given component's representation in the UI

endpoint?: EndpointSpec

Spec for an endpoint created for this type.

hoverPaintStyle?: PaintStyle

Paint style to use for the component when the pointer is hovering over it.

maxConnections?: number

Maximum number of connections this endpoint can support. Defaults to 1. A value of -1 means unlimited.

mergeStrategy?: string

When merging a type description into its parent(s), values in the child for connector, anchor and anchors will always overwrite any such values in the parent. But other values, such as overlays, will be merged with their parent's entry for that key. You can force a child's type to override every corresponding value in its parent by setting mergeStrategy:'override'.

overlays?: OverlaySpec[]

Array of overlays to add.

paintStyle?: PaintStyle

Paint style to use for the component.

parameters?: Record<string, any>

Optional set of parameters to store on the component that is generated from this type.

reattachConnections?: boolean

Whether or not when a user detaches a connection that was created from this endpoint it should be automatically reattached. Defaults to false.

scope?: string

Provides a simple means for controlling connectivity in the UI.