Interface ExportControlsComponentOptions

Options for the ExportControlsComponent

interface ExportControlsComponentOptions {
    allowJpgExport?: boolean;
    allowPngExport?: boolean;
    allowSvgExport?: boolean;
    imageOptions?: ImageExportUIOptions;
    label?: string;
    margins?: PointXY;
    showLabel?: boolean;
    svgOptions?: SvgExportUIOptions;


allowJpgExport?: boolean

Defaults to true.

allowPngExport?: boolean

Defaults to true.

allowSvgExport?: boolean

Defaults to true.

imageOptions?: ImageExportUIOptions

Options for image exports.

label?: string

What to show in the label, if visible. Defaults to "Export:".

margins?: PointXY

Optional margins to apply to both SVG and image exports. Will not override any margins specified in svgOptions or imageOptions.

showLabel?: boolean

Whether or not to show a label in front of the buttons. Defaults to true.

svgOptions?: SvgExportUIOptions

Options for SVG exports.