Interface ForceDirectedLayoutParameters

Parameters for the force directed layout

interface ForceDirectedLayoutParameters {
    absoluteBacked?: boolean;
    height?: number;
    iterations?: number;
    locationFunction?: LocationFunction;
    padding?: PointXY;
    r?: number;
    spacing?: number;
    width?: number;

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absoluteBacked?: boolean

Defaults to false. If true, then the layout will use any position values found in the data for a given vertex.

height?: number

Optional fixed height for the layout.

iterations?: number

Maximum number of iterations to run. Defaults to 50. Increasing this number may result in a nicer output, at the expense of run time.

locationFunction?: LocationFunction

Optional function that, given some vertex, can provide the x/y location of the vertex on the canvas

padding?: PointXY

Optional padding to put around the elements.

r?: number

The amount of travel to impose on each element every time a repulsion or attraction event occurs during the calculation of the layout. This is expressed as a fraction of the distance the two elements would travel in order to be spacing pixels apart. Defaults to 0.25. A value of 1 here may seem desirable but in general will not provide the best results: moving one pair of elements by their ideal amount can negatively affect many others. It is better to provide a fractional value here and allow the layout to compromise.

spacing?: number

Ideal spacing to leave between elements. Defaults to 250px, but this does not mean that elements end up separated by exactly 250px.

width?: number

Optional fixed width for the layout.