Options for loading data.

interface LoadOptions {
    data?: any;
    dataType?: string;
    error?: ((e, status?) => any);
    headers?: Record<string, string>;
    jsonp?: boolean;
    onload?: Function;
    parameters?: Record<string, any>;
    type?: string;
    url?: string;


data?: any

Optional. JSON data to load directly.

dataType?: string

Optional dataType to pass in the request

error?: ((e, status?) => any)

Optional function to call on load error.

Type declaration

    • (e, status?): any
    • Parameters

      • e: any
      • Optional status: any

      Returns any

headers?: Record<string, string>

Optional map of HTTP header values, if loading via URL.

jsonp?: boolean

Optional, defaults to false. Tells the Toolkit that the data is coming via JSON-P.

onload?: Function

Optional callback to execute once the data has loaded. Most often used when you are retrieving remote data (using url and possibly jsonp)

parameters?: Record<string, any>

Optional parameters to pass to the loader.

type?: string

Specifies the data type of the data to load. Defaults to json. This must match the name of a loader registered with the given instance of the Toolkit.

url?: string

URL to retrieve data from. Optional, but you need to supply either this or data.