Defines the allowed options to the show method.

interface ShowOptions {
    autoCommit?: boolean;
    container?: string | Element;
    data?: Record<string, any>;
    msg?: string;
    onCancel?: CancelFunction;
    onClose?: CloseFunction;
    onMaybeClose?: MaybeCloseFunction;
    onOK?: CommitFunction;
    onOpen?: OpenFunction;
    position?: string;
    reposition?: boolean;
    title?: string;


autoCommit?: boolean

If true (which is the default), an enter keypress on an input field, or a ctrl+enter keypress on a textarea, will close the dialog as if the user had pressed OK.

container?: string | Element

parent element for dialog elements. Defaults to document body.

data?: Record<string, any>

Data to bind to the dialog.

msg?: string

Optional message to show in the dialog.

onCancel?: CancelFunction

Handler for when the user presses Cancel.

onClose?: CloseFunction

Callback invoked after the dialog has been closed.

onMaybeClose?: MaybeCloseFunction

Interceptor that can be used to prevent dialog from being closed (by returning false).

Handler for when the user presses OK

onOpen?: OpenFunction

Callback invoked after the dialog has been displayed.

position?: string

"top" or "bottom" - where to show the dialog in the viewport. Defaults to "top".

reposition?: boolean

If true, reposition the dialogs when a scroll or resize event has occurred.

title?: string

Optional title for the dialog.