A layout that treats edges as springs, and places each vertex in proximity to other vertices to which it is connected. This is a rewrite of the original Spring layout, with several placement enhancements and typically a shorter run time. As of 5.7.0, existing users of the Spring layout are encouraged to switch to this layout, and new users are encouraged to prefer this layout over the Spring layout.

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  • Gets the position for the given Node/Group as dictated by either the left/top properties, or some other nominated pair, in the Node/Group's data. This position is what the Absolute layout uses itself, and this method exposes the absolute position for subclasses that wish to make use of the absolute backing.


    • v: Node | Group

      Node/Group to get absolute position for.

    • Optional parameters: LayoutParameters

      Constructor parameters. May contain a custom locationFunction.

    Returns PointXY